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Flat HeadstoneAre you searching for a place to purchase a flat headstone? Consider American Headstones for the unique combination of quality, affordability and dedication to customers. You’re purchasing a lot more than just a headstone- you’re buying peace of mind that comes from doing business with a company that is committed to ensuring you get what you paid for.

American Headstones is focused on the customer experience and in making sure that before you place your order with them, the flat headstone you’re ordering meets with the cemetery’s regulations and codes in order to be placed. If it doesn’t, you’ll have wasted a lot of time and money on a product you won’t be able to use. That’s why they post their “10 Things to Know Before Purchasing a Headstone” article on their home page, so that every visitor to their website will understand the requirements before ordering a product.

Visitors to the website are encouraged to print out the article to have on hand when contacting the cemetery where the flat headstone will be placed. Along with your telephone contact to the cemetery, it is imperative that you obtain a written copy of the cemetery’s rules, regulations or codes for your personal records, so that after checking with them and placing your order, there will not be any surprises down the road.

Ordering a flat headstone is not as complicated as you might think. Visit the Flat Marker page at AllHeadstones.com to see the available choices. American Headstones can custom design a flat headstone from a photograph or an image that you supply if you desire, otherwise, flat granite designs are typically offered in the following categories:

- Flower designs
- Religious designs
- Wilderness designs
- Children’s designs
- Clip Art design

Flat headstones offer a larger choice of text and sizes and can even be designed with unlimited wording, in numerous granite color choices and varied thickness. Just be sure to check with the cemetery before making your decision and speak directly with American Headstones before placing your custom order. Standard bronze markers include name, dates, your choice of one design and up to 10 words of inscription. Standard colors include verde green, light or dark brown and antique green.

American Headstones offers custom artwork for your loved one’s flat headstone for customers who are looking for something exceptional but are having a hard time finding a company that is up for the task. If you fit into this category, don’t worry- you’re not alone in your quest to create the perfect memorial.

American Headstones employs their own headstone artist who will sit down with you to make the perfect custom memorial. With sandblasting and laser etching, almost anything you can imagine can be made and put onto a customized headstone.

Find out more about customizing a flat headstone for your loved one by calling American Headstones at 949-228-7055 or visit AllHeadstones.com, where you’ll find a wealth of information at your fingertips. Enjoy the informative blog with articles designed to assist you in your choice.
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